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Head of the chair: Sr. teacher.

Makhmudov Alisher Yuldoshevich

Phone No: (+998 93) 422-31-11 



History  of the chair

The chair of German language and literaturewas founded in 1967. From  1970-1972 it was headed by  senior teacher Sh. Abdunazarov, from 1973 till 1975 by senior teacher L. Kojenkova, from 1976 till 1990 by phd.N. Elmurodov, from 1991 till 2009 by phd. G. Khujayev and from 2009 till 2013 by phd., senior teacher K. Markayev. In 2011 the chair was renamed to the chair of “Roman- german languages”. 

Since 2015 the chair is headed by senior teacher Makmudov Alisher Yuldoshevich 

The teaching stuff of the chair consists of  25 persons, they are: 2 associate professors, 5 sr. teachers and 18 assistants. Scientific potential of the chair is 10% .   

The teaching stuff of the chair participate and practiced their skills in many scientific contests in Uzbekistan as well as in foreign countries at famous universites and won grants. In 2009 A.Makhmudov at educational centre of Myugelze in Germany, associate professor G. Khujayev and A. Maxmudov  at Shanhay university in China in 2010, assistant A. Axmedov  at Goethe Institute in Berlin in 2011, teachers Sh.Kuvanova, N.Mahmudova retrained and exchanged their knowledge and  became the owners of  Goethe Institute grants. 

The chair has a systematic cooperation with  the organization GASE (DAAD), Goethe Institutes of  Germany which is in Uzbekistan and takes part in scientific seminars on deferent themes. 

Teacher of education  M. Kiyomova’s textbook  “Deutsch” for primary education was chosen and used as  the best textbook in Uzbekistan. Her next textbook for High education named “Deutsch” especially for students of second language is widely used. In 2014 teacher of education  M. Kiyomova was rewarded as “The best author of the  best textbook “Deutsch”. 

Senior teacher, Sh.Kuvanova’s educational handbooks named “Nemis tilidan leksik minimum”, ”Nemis tili grammatikasidan universal qo’’lanma”, ”Nemis tili ma’lumotnomasi” and testsbook were published. 

 Recently a lot of scientific books, articles, books have been written and published in local and foreign scientific magazines and newspapers written by the the teaching stuff of the chair, they are: A.Maxmudov’s monograph “East culture in Lessing’s literary activity”, K.Markayev and N.Maxmudova’s book ”Sprichworter, Пословицы, Proverbs”, M. Kiyomova and N. Ishankulova’s textbook “Deutsch” for the students who learn German as a second language, Yu. Rakhimova and M. Shirova’s textbook ”Deutsche Topics” fhe students who learn German are let know about scientific, scientific works of the chair. 

The chair has a systematic cooperation with National University of Uzbekistan, Uzbek State World Languages University, Samarkand State Institute of foreign languages. 

The chair of German language and literature prepares the cadres on a speciality 5120100 Philology (German language) 

Subjects taught in the chair: 


• Integrated skills in 

• Reading and writing 

• Practical language  

• Theoretical phonetics 

• Theoretical grammar 

• Stylistics and text analyses 

• Lexicology 

• Modern methods of learning language 

• Country study  

• Linguistics 

• General linguistics 

• Introduction to Literature 

• German literature 

• Introduction to Roman-germane philology 

• Theory of translation and practice 

• Comparative typology 

• Foreign language (as a second language) 

• Foreign language (for non-philology departments)     


Practical foreign language 

Teaching stuff of the chair: 

Phd., Khujayev Gulom Kamolovich 

Phd., Markajev Komil Sherkulovich 

Senior teacher, Makhmudov Alisher Yuldoshevich 

Senior teacher, Rakhimova Muyba Temirovna 

Senior teacher, Kuvanova Shakhnoza Omonovna  

Senior teacher, Akhmedov Anvar Botirovich 

Teacher, Makhmudova Nigora Bakhromovna 

Teacher, Rakhimova Yulduz Ganiyevna 

Teacher, Mukimova Dilafruz Sherboyevna 

Teacher, Ashurova Shahnoza Shovkatovna 

Teacher, Xoliyorov Xolbek Murodovich 

Teacher, Aymatova Gulchekhra Bozorovna 

Teacher, Ruziyeva Julyetta Elmurodovna 

Teacher, Nazirova Ulguza Nasriddinovna 

Teacher, Eshmurodov Ural Khujanovich 

Teacher, Murtozayev Elyor Nizomiddinovich 

Teacher, Murodova Taxmina Baxtiyorovna 

Teacher, Polvonova Rano Mamatkulovna

Teacher, Omonov Snuhrat Ganijevich

Research works being realized at the chair: 

The teachers of the chair A.Akhmedov together with the scientific consultant of Samarkand state Institute of foreign languages professor N.A.Bushuy are holding scientific research work on the theme ”Innovational processes of the lexics of the current German language”, A.Makhmudov on scientific consultant of the professor of Samarkand state Institute of foreign languages M. Kholbekov are holding scientific research work on the theme ”Explonation of connection of the reality of the West and East in the works of G.E.Less”, Sh. Kuvanova together with the professorof Tashkent State Pedagogical Institute in the name of Nizomiy Kh.Rakhimov are holding. The scientific  research, on the theme ”History, analysis and portrayal of German-Uzbek lexicography”.   

Scientific works of members of the chair:

A.Maxmudov - ”German-uzbek thematic  dictionary”

A.Maxmudov - “East culture in Lessing’s literary activity”monography. 

Sh.Kuvanova - “German-uzbek  dictionary” monography. 

M.Qiyomova -  “Lehrerbeiheft" monography for teachers 

Addressof the chair: The faculty of Foreign languages, the ground floor, Room №302, 323, the Chair of  German language and literature. 

Addressof the chair: The faculty of Foreign languages, the ground floor, Room №302, 323, the Chair of  German language and literature.