Department of Agrochemistry and Ecology

July 3, 2023

Diyorova Muhabbat Khurramovna 

Head of the department of Аgrochemistry and ecology,
PhD, in biology, associate professor 
Phone: +998 91 473-66-54
Reception days: Monday-Thursday

Labor activity


History of the department

2021 year 23 september

Main tasks

In all compiled curricula in accordance with the GS (state educational standards) of higher education in all forms of education, it is dated:  
- lectures; 
- practical classes; 
- conducting laboratories and other types of training at a high theoretical, scientific, methodological and professional level. 
Managing of students' qualification practice, course projects, final qualification works, master's dissertations, implementation of measures for the implementation of rating control of students' knowledge assessment and conducting actions in the organization of independent works. 
Working out and submitting in accordance with the established procedure for the approval of curricula in all disciplines of the department, as well as the preparation of reviews and conclusions on curricula prepared by related departments; development of teaching aids on academic subjects, preparation of textbooks, methodological guidelines.  
Working with gifted students, preparing them for participation in Olympiads and competitions; organizing professional development of the teaching staff in accordance with the established procedure and ensuring their participation with reports at national and international scientific conferences.   
Conducting research work in accordance with the approved plan. Discussion of completed research works and implementation of their results into production, ensuring effective integration of educational science and production, management of research work of students;   attracting extra-budgetary funds together with budget, as well as in order to provide scientific and technical assistance, establishing communication with industrial, agricultural enterprises, cooperatives,  farmers and other entities.  
Monitoring and organization of regular contacts with graduates of higher education and interns-researchers of this department, development of international cooperation, international relations with scientific and educational institutions.

Taught subjects

Introduction to Specialization, Soil Science, Agrochemistry, Plant Science, Agriculture and melioration, Soil science and geology, Horticulture, Plant protection, Phytopotology, Pollution and soil reclamation, Agriculture, Vegetable growing, Horticulture, Technology of cultivation of rare vegetable crops, Selection of vegetable and seed production, packaging and pre-treatment of greenhouse products , organization and management of greenhouses,  types of provision of protected facilities, Fundamentals of Ecology, Bioecology, History of Ecology, GAT in Ecology, Geoecology, Hydroecology, Industrial and Urban Ecology, Garbology and Ecotoxicology, Natural Resource Management and Alternative Energy, Climate Change and Ecological Adaptation, Physics soils, Melioration and soil hydrology, innovative technologies in soil science, modern concepts of soil science

Scientific works





"Kitob Geological National Natural Park", "Scientific Research Institute of Southern Agriculture", KH "Shodiev otabiyek", "Barchinoy Izdoshati", Kosonsky district of KH "BYONBZUFH", Tashkent State Agrarian University, Department of Agrochemistry and Soil Science, "Guzor Avto". OOO "Okuv", KH "RUHIDDIN", KH "Elbek-Shukuron".

Teachers of the department



Faculty of Geography and Agronomy
Department of Agrochemistry and Ecology
Department of Geography