National idea, foundations of spirituality

May 20, 2024

Rakhmonova Makhfuza Holmurodovna

Head of the department of National idea, foundations of spirituality,
Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Phone: +998 88 801 81 18
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Reception days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday of the week from 15:00 to 18:00

Labor activity

Since 1991, head of the educational methodical laboratory of the Tashkent State Institute of Culture, various vice-rector qualifications, teacher, senior teacher of the department of cultural and educational affairs, head of the department of secondary special vocational education of Kashkadarya region, specialist, specialists of the Department of Culture and Sports Affairs of Kashkadarya Region, executive director of the Gymnastics Federation of Kashkadarya Region, director of the Information and Resource Center of Karshi State University, teacher of the Department of National Idea, Spiritual Foundations of Karshi State University, from 2022 - Karshi State to lead the department in the activities of the head of the National Idea, Spiritual Foundations of the University.

History of the department

In accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 9/2 of September 17, 2005 and the order of the Rector of Karshi State University No. 253 X of December 4, 2006, at the base of the Department of Spirituality It began to operate under the name of the "National Idea, Law and Moral Foundations" department. In 2018, by order of the rector of the university, the name of the department was changed to "National idea, foundations of spirituality".

Main tasks

In the framework of the department of national idea, foundations of spirituality, 5111600 - bachelors in the direction of "National idea, foundations of spirituality and legal education", 60212000 - "Organization and management of cultural and art institutions" ” is to teach at a high level in the subjects specified in the curriculum of the department. In addition, they are engaged in scientific research, actively participate in educational and spiritual educational work, and provide students with highly qualified theoretician professors and teachers, including doctors of philosophy (PhD) and candidates of science, as well as experienced practitioners teach.

In the educational process, in addition to traditional methods of education, on the basis of unconventional creative approaches, classes are conducted and effective interactive methods are used.

Taught subjects

1. 5111600 - "National idea, foundations of spirituality and legal education": "Basics of geopolitics", "Methodology of teaching subjects of national idea, foundations of spirituality", "Spirituality", "Legal culture and basics of legal education", "Methodology of organization of spiritual and educational work", "Criminal law", "Human right".

2. 60212000 - "Organization and management of cultural and art institutions": "Screenwriting and organization of cultural and public events", "Organization and management of cultural and art institutions", "Intangible cultural heritage of Uzbekistan", "Work of cultural centers", "Work of culture and recreation parks", "Art aesthetics", "Theory and history of culture".

Scientific works

The main priority scientific-research topic of the department: "Methodological foundations of spiritual education". During 2015-2024, the department held a number of scientific and practical conferences. Including the following: "Postmodern society and human problem" in 2015; In 2017, "Actual-theoretical methodological problems of studying social sciences in higher education"; In 2018, "Improvement of the system of social and humanitarian sciences in the years of independence"; In 2019, "Impact of action strategy on revitalization of national idea, basic concepts and principles"; In 2021, on the topics of "Social and cultural significance of the idea of ​​the Third Renaissance".

Also, under the authorship of docent M. Rakhmonova, the textbook "Religion" was published in 2024, and the monograph "Intangible cultural heritage of Uzbekistan: folk epics, folk performance art, folk games" was published in 2022.

"The Way of Uzbekistan" by Associate Professor A. Erkayev. – T. 2017; "Spirituality". 2-story - T. 2018; "The way of Uzbekistan (new edition)." - T. 2021; "Freedom of thought" -T. 2021 monographs, "New Uzbekistan is the target of the third renaissance" -T. 2021; "Geniuses of Abdulla Oripov"-T. 2021 and other scientific works were published.

Acting associate professor A.Yakubov authored: "Right to Education" textbook in 2024, "Spiritual and educational foundations of combating religious extremism" in 2019, and "Right to Education" textbooks in 2023 was published.

Under the authorship of Associate Professor A. Roziyev: the "Education" textbook was published in 2023, the "Education" manual in 2022, and the monograph "Factors of moral and moral education in young people" in 2023.

In 2022, the monograph "N.A. Berdyayev: About Values" was published by N. Orokova, senior lecturer.

Authored by Associate Professor Z. Boymurodov: In 2023, the monograph "Young people's lifestyle: changes under the influence of modern trends" was published.

Under the authorship of Associate Professor

D. Sunatov: In 2023, the monograph "Dialectics of Cultural Space and Moral Consciousness" was published.


On April 16, 2024, researcher S. Niyazov successfully passed the preliminary defense of his PhD thesis on the topic "The role and role of nature tourism in the formation of the eco-aesthetic ideal among young people".


The department has established cooperation with higher education institutions such as UzNU, SamSU, TerSU, BukhSU, TSPU named after Nizomi, TSUL, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Islamic University. Since 2018, the department has been operating in constant scientific and practical cooperation with foreign HEIs, including the Miras University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and since 2019 with the Moscow City Pedagogical University of the Russian Federation. As part of international cooperation, in April 2019, associate professors of the Department of Law and Social Sciences Teaching Methodology of the Institute of Social Sciences of the Moscow State University of Technology, A. Sorokin and A. Polovnikova, taught Law to students of the 3rd year of National Idea, Spirituality and Legal Education. conducted lectures and seminars on teaching methodology.

Teachers of the department

10 professors work in the department, including: 3 candidates of science (2 associate professors, 1 full-time teacher); 2 doctors of philosophy (PhD), (2 associate professors); 2 associate professors; 3 assistant teachers.

1. Rakhmonova Makhfuza Kholmuradovna - candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor;

2. Erkayev Abdurakhim Panjiyevich - Candidate of Philosophy, Associate Professor;

3. Yakubov Abdurakhmon Torayevich - associate professor;

4. Orokova Nargiza Salomovna - candidate of philosophy, senior teacher;

5. Roziyev Alisher Kholmurodovich - associate professor;

6. Boymurodov Zahid Shokirovich - doctor of philosophy (PhD), associate professor;

7. Sunatov Dilshod Hashimovich - doctor of philosophy (PhD), associate professor;

8. Niyazov Sabir Sadiqovich - teacher;

9. Boybekova Shakhnoza Aliyevna - teacher;

10. Dostyorova Sadokat Norsubkhanovna - teacher.