Department of Music Education

June 21, 2023

Primov Rashid Toshkulovich

Head of the department of Music education,
Acting Docent
Phone: +998 97 507 45 45
Reception days: Every day from 9.00 to 16.00

Labor activity

1. Primov Rashid Tashkulovich was born on February 2, 1964, Uzbek by nationality.
2. In 1988 he graduated with honors from the Karshi State Pedagogical Institute with a degree in music with the assignment of the specialty "Music teacher".
3. Total work experience - 34 years. Pedagogical work experience - 34 years. Pedagogical experience at Karshi State University - 34 years, including:
- 1984 - 1988 - student of Karshi State Pedagogical Institute;
-1988-1992 - Lecturer at the Music Faculty of the Karshi State Pedagogical Institute;
- 1993-1996 - Senior Lecturer, Department of Music Theory, Karshi State University;    

 - 1996-1998 - Head of the Music Department of Karshi State University. - 1996-1998 - Head of the Music Department of Karshi State University;
- 1998-1999 - Head of the Department of Music Theory and Performing Arts, Karshi State University;
- 1999-2009 - Senior Lecturer at the Faculty of Music, Karshi State University;
- 2009-2015 - Head of the Department of Music Education, Karshi State University;                                                                              

- 2015-2020 - Senior Lecturer, Department of Music Education, Karshi State University;
- Since December 23, 2020, he has been working as the head of the Department of Music Education at Karshi State University.
Laureate of the international competition of musical performance

History of the department

The Department of "Music Education" was founded in 1977. Associate Professor Sami Aziz was instrumental in the establishment of the department.Associate professor Sami Aziz headed this department for many years. In the following years, the department was headed by Professor M. Abdukarimov, senior lecturer R.Primov  in 2010-2015, and M. Muradov in 2015-2020.
Since November 7, 2020, the department has been headed by senior teacher Primov Rashid Tashkulovich.
Currently, 6 professors, 1 senior teacher, doctor of philosophy (PhD) in pedagogical sciences, 3 senior teachers, 2 assistant teachers are working in the department.

Main tasks

Department 60111300 – is a department specializing in music education.

Taught subjects

Music theory
History of music
Uzbek folk music
Choir and choral studies
Theory and methodology of pre-school musical-aesthetic education
Professional component and creativity of a music teacher
School repertoire
Musical rhythmic movements
Vocals and modern music
Piano and additional instruments
Instrumental performance and ensemble
Traditional singing
Music teaching methodology
Working with notation and computer programs
Music teaching technologies and design
Organization of music clubs.

Scientific works

The department mainly conducts research in the following scientific areas:
1. “Improving the methodology for developing the creative activity of children through giving music an artistic character”; 2. "Formation of professional qualities of future music teachers"; 3. Research work is underway on priority topics, such as "Improving the methods of artistic perception of music by children." In this scientific direction, Associate Professor V.B. Research work is carried out under the direction of R. Primov


Qurbonova Moxigul Shaniyazovna, Muradov Muxitdin Kadirovich, Shonazarov Zafar Umirzokovich


International relations are well established at the department. A cooperation agreement with Nizhnevartovsk State University of the Russian Federation was signed for a period of 5 years.

Teachers of the department

Murodov Muxitdin Qodirovich, 
Pirnazarov Laziz Qaxramonovich
Qurbonova Moxigul Shaniyazovna
Shonazarov Zafar Umrzoqovich
Azizov Yorqin Samiyevich


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