Information-resource center

July 6, 2023

Abdurakhimov Shakhzod

Head of the section of Information Resource Center,
Phone: +998 91 961-67-63
Reception days: Friday of the week from 14:00 to 16:00

Labor activity

2018-2019. - Head of the Archive Department of Karshi State University
2019-2021 - Master's student of Tashkent University of Information Technologies named after Muhammad al-Khorezmi
2021-2022 - Methodologist of the Faculty of Geography and Agronomy of Karshi State University
2022-2022 - Inspector of the Personnel Department of Karshi State University
2022-2023 - Head of Marketing and Students Practice Department of Karshi State University
2023 - present - Director of the Information Resource Center of Karshi State University

History of the section

The Information Resource Center of Karshi State University was established on the basis of the university library on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated June 20, 2006 No. PP-381 “On the organization of information and library support for the population of the republic”. The Information Resource Center began its activity in 1946 at a pedagogical educational institution. Since 1961, it has been awarded the status of the library of the Pedagogical Institute.In 2015, the university fully commissioned a modern building of an information and resource center of a sought-after level. Currently, there are 5 branches in the center

Main tasks

There are currently 5 departments operating in the centre, these are: 
1. Department of Services with information and library resources.
2. Department of Electronic information resources.
3. Department of Scientific-methodical and informational-reference (periodicals).
4. Department of Bottling, cataloging and systematization of information library resources.
5. Department of Work with foreign information library resources.
Main functions of the center
1. Formation of a library fund in accordance with the directions of university activities and information requirements of readers. Organization and maintenance of Information-Information Service.
2. Providing library and information-bibliographic service to students, doctoral students, scientific staff, teachers and other readers of the ihtiri Foundation in accordance with the rules for the use of IRC reserves.
3. Scientific research carried out at the University, the educational process, assistance in the implementation of administrative and managerial tasks of university units.
4. Fostering a culture of information search, use and analysis in users: preparing readers for work with information and analytical materials, including in an automated manner.
5. The search for new ways to solve organizational issues, the implementation of modern information technologies based on the use of modern computing techniques tools and other modern technical tools, and on the basis of this, the expansion of the scope (list) of services to readers by IRC and their improvement in quality.
6. In order to more fully satisfy the requirements of users for information and literature, the interaction of the University with the structural unit and public organizations, coordination and integration of activities with other libraries, scientific and technical information offices, institutions and organizations.
7. Providing information and methodological assistance to higher education institutions on issues of library service.
8. Promote the regular education and independent education of users using information technology.
9. Providing information service to the population at the required level in accordance with the requirements for information and on the basis of new information technologies (electronic databases of information, Internet resources) with the extensive use of any funds through the IRC data search apparatus system
10. Improvement of work on the basis of the introduction of modern technologies and computerization of Information Processes.
11. Formation of the IRC fund in accordance with the sphere of the educational institution and the information needs of users. Organization and maintenance of data search apparatus, databases, catalogs and cartotecs.
12. Improvement of work on the basis of the introduction of modern technologies and computerization of Information Processes.