Department of preschool education

June 3, 2024

Oripova Nodima Khalilovna

Head of the department of preschool education,
Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, docent
Phone: +998 90 288-60-73
Reception days: Mondays and Thursdays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m

Labor activity

Oripova Nodima Khalilovna - Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, dosent. On December 28, 2023, she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation (DSс) on the topic “Systematization of the theory of the formation of pedagogical beliefs of students based on variant modeling (on the example of the specialty of primary education)”.

N. Oripova is the author of more than 200 scientific articles and teaching aids. She has published more than 10 articles in scientific journals in Turkey, America, Russia and other countries, as well as in scientific journals included in the international database "Scopus" and "Web of Science". Published 1 textbook, 3 manuals and 2 monographs.

From February 2020 N.Oripova works as the head of the Department of Preschool Education at Karshi State University.

History of the department

The Department of "Preschool Education" was formed in 1991 at the Karshi State Pedagogical Institute under the name "Preschool Education". In 1993, it was renamed the Department of Pedagogy and Methods of Preschool Education, and since 2010 it has been called the Department of Social Pedagogy, Psychology and Preschool Education. On April 1, 2014, due to the modification of the university, the department was included in the Department of Primary Education ”and renamed the department “Methods of preschool and primary education”. In October 2018, due to changes in the structure of Karshi State University, the department "Preschool education" was separated from the department "Methodology of preschool and primary education" and is still operating.

Main tasks

The department trains bachelors in 5111800 - Preschool education (full-time and part-time) and master's students in 5A111801 - Theory and methodology of education and training (preschool education).

From 2020 to in the specialty of 13.00.08-Theory and methodology of education and upbringing a PhD (basic doctorate course)  has been operating in the department. Currently, 4 doctoral students are studying.

Future personnel who are expected to become specialists in the department will work in state and non-state kindergardens, pedagogical colleges, preschool and public education departments, as well as continue scientific research in various higher education institutions.

Taught subjects

Training children in staging and creative activities

Social adaptation of children

Organization of preschool education and upbringing

Methodology for the formation of elementary mathematical concepts

General pedagogy

Inclusive education. Hospital pedagogy

Methods of teaching visual arts

Children's physical education

Methods of speech development

Methods of teaching a foreign language in preschool education

Methods of music education for children

Methodology for getting to know nature

Scientific works

In the following years, several textbooks, manuals, and monographs were published by professors and teachers of the department. Including the textbook "Pedagogical professional competence and creativity" and the study guide "Family pedagogy" by the head of the department N. Oripova; "Pedagogical acmeology" textbook by D. Kenjayeva; "Teaching visual activity" by T. Ashurova, "Theory and technology of forming mathematical ideas" by M. Alimardonova, and "Teaching children to stage and create creative activities" by V. Keldiyarova were published.

At the same time, in these years, R. Rashidova, M. Rajabova co-authored "Pedagogical foundations of national feelings formation in preschool children", N. Buriyeva and S. Ashirova co-authored "Modern methods of preschool children's worldview formation", T. Tilovova's " Ecology of Life", N. Oripova's "Theory of Formation of Professional Pedagogical Beliefs of Future Teachers Based on Variational Modeling", M. Mukhammadiyeva's Monographs "Theory and Methodology of Responsibility Formation in the Process of Integration of Activities in Elementary School Students" was published.


From 2020 to in the specialty of 13.00.08-Theory and methodology of education and upbringing a PhD (basic doctorate course)  has been operating in the department. Currently, 4 doctoral students are studying.


  • Samarkand State University;
  • Termiz Pedagogical Institute;
  • Andijan State University;
  • Bukhara State University;
  • Regional and city pre-school and public education departments;
  • A number of pre-school educational organizations of the city of Karshi;
  • South Korea's KOICA organization;
  • Belarusian State University (Republic of Belarus);
  • Kazan Federal University.

Teachers of the department

Oripova Nodima Xalilovna
Head of the chair, DSс, dosent

Kenjayeva Dildora Tirkashevna
dosent, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences. 

Xujaqulov Akbar Eshquvvatovich
PhD, dosent.

Muhammadiyeva Manzura Maratovna
PhD, dosent.

Ashurova Tulganoy Ergashevna

Alimardonova Mohichehra Bahromovna

Tilovova Nargiza Turopovna

Botirova Latofat Luftillayevna

Buriyeva Nilufar Rasulovna

Mirzayeva Manzura Ahmadjanovna