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The chair of primary education

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 The chief of the chair: the doctor of pedagogics

 Rizamat Davranovich Shodiyev

 Phone number: (+99891 644-23-89 )

 E-mail: qardu_rizamat@edu.uz



History of the chair 

Chair of "Primary education" was founded in 1960 under the name of "Methods of primary education" at Karshi State Pedagogical Institute. At that time, Professor M. Ochilov, Professor T. Gafforova, Docent T.Rasulov, Sh.Nurullaeva, N. Oripova. Starting from April 1, 2014, the chair "Methods of Pre-school and Primary Education" was created as a result of the optimization and structural changes of the chairs "Social Pedagogy" and "Preschool Education". As a result of the changes made in the University, on the basis of the order of the rector of the university № 565 X on the basis of the Chair of Pre-school and Primary Education, two primary and pre-primary education chairs were established. Nowadays this chair is headed by Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences R. Shodiyev. 

From the scientists who contributed to the development of the chair, Professor M. Ochilov and Professor T. Gafforovs. M. Ochilov worked from 1960 to 2010. He enjoyed a good reputation as a teacher, making him a productive worker. During his career, he made a tremendous contribution to the education of young people as a mature, well-educated person, and published more than a hundred scientific papers, brochures and textbooks. He has trained dozens of PhDs and has been a scientific consultant for many doctoral dissertations. The teacher is the author of the textbook "Pedagogy of Higher Education". Also, Professor M. Ochilov has published many teaching aids such as "New Pedagogical Technologies", "Teacher's Etiquette". Ancient Chechen pedagogue Yan Amos translated Komensky's "Great Didactics" into Uzbek. Taking into account the many years of scientific and pedagogical skills of the scientist, our government has awarded several orders, medals and honorary titles. The scientist's "Pedagogy of Higher Education" textbook is now one of the main literary magazines.  

From 2002 to 2009, the chair was headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent Talat Gafforova, during which time the chair was developing and scientific potential developed. From the head of the chair, Sh.Nurullaeva, N.Ochilova, N. Oripova, D.Kenjaeva, Sh.Hamraev, defended their candidate dissertation and received a degree in Pedagogical sciences. Professor T. Gaffarova, along with her leadership, contributed to the education of our country. In particular, he published "Alphabet", "Reading" textbooks for primary school pupils. During these years, many teachers of the chair prepared booklets, manuals and published many articles in the media, periodicals. 

Prior to 2009-2014 the chair was headed by candidate of pedagogical sciences, Docent Nurullaeva Shahlo Uktamovna. During the course of his leadership, the chair gradually grew. At present 5A111701 - Master's degree in primary education and 13.00.01 - Theory and history of pedagogy. The Institute of Advanced Researchers in the field of education management began to function. From June 2014, Shodiev Rizamat Davranovich has been heading the chair. Since Shodiev Rizamat Davranovich is the head of the chair, research work is being carried out at the chair. At this time, the chair has 5A111701 - the theory and methodology of education (preschool education) and 13.00.01 - the theory of pedagogy. The theory of pedagogical doctrines. 13.00.05 - base doctorate (PhD) and doctorate (DSc) on the theory and methodology of vocational education.

There are 1 doctors of sciences, 1 professor, 2 candidates of sciences, 3 PhDs (PhDs) in pedagogical sciences and 17 teachers. The scientific potential is 30%. 

The chair of primary education is 5111700 - the chair of specialization on the directions of elementary education and sports.   

Bachelor's degree: 

5111700 - The following subjects are taught in the direction of elementary education and sports education 

• Mother tongue teaching methodology 

• Mathematics 

• Mathematics teaching methodology 

• Basics of Higher Mathematics 

• The theory and practice of general pedagogy 

• Methodology of work and teaching 

• Methodology of educational work 

• Nature and its teaching methodology 

• Physical education theory and methodology 

• Innovative pedagogical technologies in teaching elementary education 

• Public pedagogy 

• Methods of speech development 

The following subjects are taught in the specialty 5A111701-Primary education: 

• Methodological basics of primary education. 

• The theory and technology of psychology and pedagogy in primary education. 

• Methods of teaching of specialty subjects. 

• The theory and methodology of natural sciences and labor education. 

• Mathematical theory and practice 

• Statistical methods in pedagogical research 

• World Education System 

• Theory of educational work and its teaching methodology  

Scientific-methodical work of the chair: 

DocentT.Gaffarova, Sh.Nurullayeva, N.Oripova, O.Aslonova, M.Muhammadieva, Y.Yarmanova have published monographs and brochures in this direction. 

In 2018, four of the staff of the chair received a PhD degree in Philosophy.  

Members of the chair: 

• docent of pedagogical sciences Shodiev Rizamat Davranovich 

• professor Gafforova Tal'at Gafforovna 

• docent Nurullaeva Shakhlo Uktamovna. 

• docent Nabiev Abdisalom 

• senior teacher (PhD) Yazieva Umida Lutfullaevna 

• senior teacher (PhD) Turdiev Shohruh Razzokovich 

• senior teacher (PhD) Rakhmatullaeva Shakhodat Ziyatovna 

• senior teacher Muhiddin Tirkashov 

• senior teacher Yuldashev Nazar Usarovich 

• Yarmanova Yulduz Burievna 

• Aslonova Orzigul Pirimovna 

• Yoldashev Sadik Norchaevich 

• Chorieva Feruza Amrullaevna 

• Ochilov Akmal Eshtemirovich 

• Niyazova Dilbar 

• Muminova Nilufar 

• Berdiev Bakhodir 

• Yuldashev Jahongir Tilakmurodovich. 

• Bobomurodov Kupaysin 

• Umirov Azamat Abdinazarovich 

• Haitova Yulduz Saitovna 

• Temirov Shuhrat Kakhramonovich 

• Kazakova Marhabo Kudratovna 

• Niyozkulov Mirjalol Bakhtiyorovich 

In 2015-2017, a state grant was made on the theme "Development of the technology and methodology for the formation of youth in our national values". 

At the chair there is a regular scientific-methodical seminar "Modern educational technologies" In 2017 two monographs were published by teachers of the chair. 

In the first half of 2018, the head of the chair, Doctor of pedagogical sciences R.Shodiev, under the guidance of Sh.R.Turdiev, IK.Kamolov and U.Yoziev, members of the chair defended their thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pedagogy they did. 

In 2018, two copyright certificates for software were received.


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