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The head of the chair:

Gaybulla Kuchkorov, Ph.D. in Economics

Phone: (+99891) 561-08-72

E-mail:  kuchkarovgaybulla@mail.ru


The Background of the Chair of “Economics and Service” 

Chair of Economics and Service was first established in 1967 as the Chair of Political economics. From 1992, the chair was renamed as the chair of “the Theory of Economy” and in 2014 the chair was re-established as the chair of “Economics and Service”. 

The main workplaces of the graduates of the this chair are the ministry of employment of Uzbekistan, state committee of tourism, the chamber of commerce and industry, the government of Kashkadarya, private companies and touristic firms and enterprises. 

Within 1967-1975, nine people of teachers stuff worked under the first head of the chair candidate of economics J.Shukurov. They are the candidate of economics Ikrom Ruziyev, Ibragim Khushmanov, Khabibullo Khalilov, Sanakul Islamov, teachers Minzifa Yarulina, Ibod Saidov, Khadiya Azizova, and the chair of cabinet Norboy Uzakov. This period is marked as the developmental stage of the chair, in which there were published many remarkable manuals and materials. 

Within 1975-1984, the chair was run by the candidate of economics, assistant professor S.Islamov. This period is known as the improvement and scientific advancement period. 

Within 1985-1987, the chair was headed by the candidate of economics and the assistant professor Khadiya Azizova. During this period many scientific manuals, articles and research papers were published. 

Within 1987-2012, the chair was led by the doctor of economics, professor N.Uzakov. During this time the main focus was casted upon the “Issues of development of goods and cash affairs. 

From April 2012 to March 2018 the chair was headed by the candidate of economics and assistant professor G.Erkayeva. 

From March 2018, the chair is headed by the candidate of economics G.Kuchkarov. Nowadays, the main research focus of the chair is the continental issues of developing the competetivness of national economy. 

Since the establishment of the chair, 11 candidates and two doctors came into being and have been successfully contributing to the scientific development of the university. At present, the chair is actively holding a scientific atmosphere and over the past years, more than 10 academic manuals, monographs, and less than 20 academic-methodic manuals, more than 1000 scientific, methodic, and public articles have been published in the international, national and local publications. 

Nowadays, there are 19 professor-teachers, namely 1 doctor and academic, 1 candidate and assistant-professor, 4 candidates, 3 senior teachers and 10 assistant teachers are successfully working in the chair.


Bachelor’s Degree in the chair

In the academic year, 2012-2013, under the authority of the chair a new branch of study (5231600-“the economics and sociology of labor) was established and accepted its first students. Nowadays, there are 100 students are studying in this specialty.

From 2014-2015, under the authority of the chair another branch of study (5160300-Tourism) was founded and at present 100 students are studying in this specialty.

The lectures and seminars are held according to the educational standards assigned by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Education of Uzbekistan. Curriculum and syllabus are all designed according to the modern standards of education.

Master’s Degree in the chair 

From the academic year 2018-2019, masters’ students were admitted under the specialty of Tourism.



 The students of Tourism specialty-participants of the conference under the title “the prospects of developing Kashkadarya tourism”

 Students are discussing the issues of developing safe tourism in the city with the officers of Internal Affairs, which is held in Shakhrisabz KOBA centre


Students and teachers got divine power from their ancestor Amir Temur in order to develop the capacity of tourism 


Students are determined to learn deeply about Aksaray

The list of graduates who graduated the specialty of economics and working in authoritative positions:

  1. Almardonov Otabek Panjevich- the bank of microcredit ATB – the manager
  2. Khaberdiyev Dilshod Muradovich- the director of UZLTI company
  3. Tursunov Nodir- the head of Kashkadarya branch of Turonbank
  4. Shukurov Jamshid- deputy of UZLTI company
  5. Jurayev Bakhtiyor- the manager of kashkadarya infinbank
  6. Davronov Dilshod – the head of Kashkadarya STI 

The list of subjects taught in the chair: 

at bachelor’s: 

1. Social protection of society 

2. Accounting 

3. Introduction to econometrics 

4. Economics of human resources 

5. Evaluation of investments 

6. History of economics 

7. Theory of economics 

8. Affairs of world economics 

9. Small business and entrepreneurship 

10. Macro economics 

11. Marketing 

12. Hotel service 

13. Economics of labor market 

14. Economics of labor and human development 

15. Analyses of labor statistics 

16. Recruit of labor force 

17. Sociology of labour 

18. Normalizing and creating employment 

19. Management 

20. Basics of management and business plan 

21. Management and economics 

22. Micro economics 

23. Continental economics 

24. Continental tourism 

25. Finance and tax 

26. Managing personnel 

27. Statistics 

28. Tourism 

29. Infrastructure of tourism 

30. Tourism marketing 

31. Transport services in tourism 

32. Planning the tourism 

33. Foreign investments 

Scientific potency of the chair 

  1. Kuchkarov.G.F – candidate of economics, head of thr chair
  2. Abdurakhmanov.K.X – doctor of economics, academic
  3. Erkayeva.G.P – candidate of economics, assistant-professor
  4. Abdiyev.A.CH – candidate of economics
  5. Ruziyev.Z.I – candidate of economics
  6. Yakubova.SH.SH – candidate of economics 

Collaborative institutions of the chair 

  1. Tashkent branch of Russia economic university under the name Plekhanov
  2. Tashkent state economics university
  3. Samarkand economics and service university
  4. Karshi engeneering and economics university
  5. Karshi branch of TUIT 

The scientific and research capacity of the chair 

Nowadays the professor-teachers of the chair are conducting scientific researches on the continental issues of developing national economics. The results of the researches are being published in the republic publications. 

At present, senior teachers such as G.Nabiyev, O.Jurayev, and M.Ostonova are holding their independent researches. Several conferences and seminars are also regularly being held under the supervision of candidate G.Kuchkarov. The circle of innovators has been under way since 2012. More than 40 articles and thesis are published by the participants of the circle in the international publications under the supervisors of the chair. The chair is taking part in the Erasmus + project of 574253-EPP-1-2016-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP MAGNET:University as a key partner of NETWORK for vocational educational training centers of Middle Age Generation in Uzbekistan. Teachers such as G.Erkayeva, J.Ismatullaev and S.Makhmudov have been to Riga in 2017 in order to improve their experience. During their visit they established partnership relations with ISMA University and Latvia Culture College.  

Teachers of the chair are at the National Library of Latvia


Cooperation with ISMA University is being established 


Extract from the seminar held at Latvian Ministry of Education and Science


Address of the chair: Karshi, 17 Kuchabog, Faculty of History and social sciences, 2nd floor, Chair of Economics and service.


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