Information resource centre

30 November, 2021

Director of the Information Resources Center of Karshi State University:

Boymurodov Farrukh Farhod ogli 

Telefon: (+99897) 004-09-96



The Information Resource Center of Karshi State University was created on the basis of the university library on the basis of Presidential Decree-381 of June 20, 2006 "On the organization of information and communal services for the population of the Republic." The Information Resource Center was established in 1946 at the Pedagogical Institute. Since 1961, the Library of the Pedagogical Institute has been renamed. At that time, the total book fund of the library was 219,500 copies. Among them are textbooks, teaching aids, scientific and fiction literature (in Russian and Uzbek), 186500, 700 maps and izomaterials, 92 magazines and newspapers.

In 2015, the University fully commissioned the building of the Information Resource Center at the level of modern requirements. Currently, the center has 5 branches:

1.                  Service department with information and library resource.

2.                  Department of electronic information resources.

3.                  Department of scientific-methodical and informational (periodic).

4.                  Department of compilation, cataloging and systematization of information library resources.

5.                  Department of Foreign Information Library Resources.

The general book fund of the Information Resource Center consists of 18395 titles and 326208 copies. Of these, textbooks: 3065 (16.6%) titles from 69768 (21.3%); textbooks 2964 (16.1%) titles with 72,011 (22%) copies; fiction 3598 (19.5%) titles from 46491 copies (14.2%), scientific literature 3890 (21.1%) titles from 65994 (20.2%) copies, foreign literature 902 (4%) titles from 5184 (1.5%) copies and other literature 3976 (21.6%) titles with 66,760 (20.4)%) copies.

Full-text electronic resources amount to 20075 copies, of which 4015 are textbooks, 3037 study guides, 3156 scientific publications, 4121 literary publications, 372 foreign literatures and 5374 other literatures.

The Information Resource Center of Karshi State University launched its website in 2021 and is currently working on further improvements. All books in the background and their electronic copies are currently hosted on the site. At the moment, 43.6% of the fund's literature is posted on In the future, students will be able to subscribe to the Information Resource Center via the website and receive information about each student as well as many other features. Through this network, teachers, staff and students have the ability to search for e-books in the e-library and download full-text e-books.

During 2021, 81 titles of new publications were purchased for 1,081 copies. They consist of 7 titles, 565 copies of textbooks, 3 titles, 21 copies of scientific literature, 67 titles, 484 copies of literary publications and other letters, 4 titles, 11 copies.

In 2019, 63 titles were published in the republic in 216 copies. The magazine has 37 titles in 96 copies, and the newspaper has 26 titles in 120 copies.

There are 190 seats in the reading rooms of the information resources of the Center.

There are 125 computer sets in 4 computer rooms of the information resources of the Center, all of which are connected to the Internet.

Ziyonet has access to the information education network. National resources, electronic databases and Internet resources are used to promote moral values and ensure the cultural heritage of the people.