Personnel department

2 December, 2021

The head of the personnel department: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Educational Sciences

Xujakulov Akbar Eshkuvatovich

Phone: 220-02-19


Important resposibilities personnel department.

1.Formalization of engagement, reappointmentand and dismissal of university employees and preparation of documents for Ministry and university head confirmation;

2. Formalization of decrees about giving a vacation, reprimand and sending to business tour.

3. To prepare plan of decrees on giving salaries, pensions social promotion and to participate in process of tarification;

4. Formalization of employees’ vacation graphic in a certain order;

5. To order diplomas and appendixes;

6. In reference to undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers listeners: to organize and to control arrangement of studying process, to accept them for study, transformation to different faculty, to expel unable students from university, to reestablish them according to certain rules to transfer them to further courses; obtaining of pregnancy holiday, study and labour discipline, and it puts in order the constitutional relationships between the applier and applicant. These orders are considered to be as the main document of great importance.