The chair of geography

10 November, 2022

Head of department: doctor of philosophy (PhD). docent

Maksud Geldiyorovich Nazarov

Phone: (+998 99)666 38 10


The history of the department

The department was founded in 1969 after A. Ruziev (December 27, 1967) and A. Mamatov (April 26, 1968) received the degree of candidate of science. Until that time, teachers who trained geography teachers were A. Ruziev (since 1963), M. Yangiboev (since 1962), R. Akhmedov (since 1963), I. Toirov (since 1964), A. Mamatov ( since 1966), A. Nadzhimov (since 1966) - worked as part of the Botany Department. Over the past period, the department was headed by: Abdulla Mamatov (1969-1975), Abdimumin Ruziev (1975-1977), Makhmud Yangiboev (1978-1989), Suyun Abdullaev (1990-1994 and 1999-2004). ), Kalonov Bakhriddin (1994-1998), Erdonov Latif ((2003-2012) In 2003, for the first time in the history of Karshi State University, the department of geography was divided into two departments: economic geography and natural geography). Zhonkobilov Ilhomiddin (2012-2015), Kurbanov Pahlavon (2015-2021), Nazarov Maksud (2021)

Currently, the department has 16.75 full-time employees, 4 professors, candidates of sciences, associate professors, 1 candidate of sciences, senior lecturer, 2 PhD, senior lecturer, 1 senior lecturer, 6 assistants. The scientific potential of the department is 53%.

·                     Teaching staff of the department:

• Nazarov Maksud Geldiyorovich

• Abdullaev Suyun Ismatovich

• Erdonov Latif Nuralievich

• Usmonova Rokhatjon Usmanovna

• Fayzullaev Maksud Abdullaevich

• Kurbonov Pakhlavon Rustamovich

• Eshboev Bekzod Tojievich

• Zhumaev Khairulla Khayitovich

• Murtazaev Bakhrom Chorievich

• Mukumova Khusnora Ergashevna

• Murodova Dilafruz Sunnatovna

• Berdikulova Muhayo Toshtemirovna

• Navotova Dilnoza Ibragimovna

• Boymurodov Sami Mamurovich

• Safarov Isok Bozor ugli

The Department of Geography is the department for training specialists in the areas of “5110500-methods of teaching geography”, “5110500-basics of geography and economic knowledge”, “5140600-geography”, “60530400-geography”, “70530402-geography (according to the object of study)”.

The department has 2 classrooms designed for conducting classes based on modern educational technologies. The faculty of the department conducts lectures and practical classes in pecialties


The disciplines taught at the department:

* Theory and methods of teaching geography

* General physical geography

* Hydrology and climatology

* Economic and social geography

* Fundamentals of geomorphology and geology

* Topography, cartography and GIS

* Geography of cities and geourban studies

* Soil geography

* Physical geography of continents and oceans

* Physical Geography of Central Asia

* Economic and social geography of the countries of the world

* Economic and social geography of the countries of Central Asia

* Geography of Uzbekistan

* Landscaping

* World geography

* Fundamentals of population geography and demography

* Geography of Kashkadarya

* Geoecology and landscape ecology

* Biogeography

* Toponymy

* Local history

* Basic problems of geography

* Tourist and recreational geography

* Geography of transport, industry and agriculture

The teaching load of the department includes field training, production and qualification pedagogical practice. According to the curriculum, 1st year students go along the route Karshi-Yakkabag-Karshi, 2nd year students - along the routes Karshi-Samarkand-Navoi-Bukhara-Karshi or Karshi-Tashkent-Andijan-Karshi. Students of 3-4 courses have pedagogical practice in general education schools of the city of Karshi and in their areas of residence, at various enterprises and organizations that have signed a cooperation agreement with the department.

As a kind of geographical school in the south of Uzbekistan, the department carries out its activities in the following areas:

1. Geographical and ecological aspects of nature management in Southern Uzbekistan

2. Scientific and methodological problems of improving the teaching of geography in secondary schools, lyceums and institutions of higher education.

According to these directions assoc. Abdullaev S. published 4, assoc. Kurbanov P. - 1, PhD Erdonov L. – 1, assoc. Usmanova R. – 1, assoc. Fayzullaev M.– 1, assoc. Nazarov M. – 1, PhD B. Eshboev – 1, assoc. Nazarov M., teacher Murodova D. – 1, senior lecturer Murtazaev B., assoc. Nazarov M.– 1, PhD Baikobilov H. – 1 monograph and scientific and methodological manual. In addition, the PhD Zhumaev H. – 1 monograph is recommended for publication, a handwritten version of the monograph of the assoc. Kurbanov P. and teacher Safarov I. 5 teachers of the department: D.Murodova, D.Navotova, M.Berdikulova, S.Boymurodov, F.Khushmurodov - are working on doctoral dissertations.

Scientific and methodological activity of the department:

Teachers of the department in the process of research work in the direction of "Geographical and ecological aspects of nature management in Southern Uzbekistan" have so far published 24 collections of scientific, scientific and methodological, popular science and textbooks. Among them: "The use of technical means in geography lessons." (1979), "Guidelines for conducting excursions in the Kashkadarya Valley" (1986), "Geography of Kashkadarya" (1994), "Nature of the country and world geography in the imagination of Navoi" (2000), "Popular Geography" (2006), "Study of geographical names in general land studies" (2008), "Class teacher" (2008), "Study of geographical names in physical geography" (2009), "Hissar Reserve - a model of the mountainous nature of Central Asia" (2010), "Final qualification work" (2014), "Recreational geography" (2015), "Field training qualification work in geography" (2016), "Laboratory classes in general earth science" (2017), "Practical classes in physical geography of continents and oceans" (2019), "Urbanization processes in Southern Uzbekistan" (2019), "Agricultural Geography of Southern Uzbekistan" (2020), "Anthropogenic landscapes of the Kashkadarya basin and their geoecological state" (2020), "Tasks and exercises in geography" (2020), "Thematic tests on economic and social geography" (2020), "Toponyms of Kashkadarya region" (2021), "Geographical and toponymic bases of world names" (2021), "Practical classes on physical geography of continents and oceans" (2021) "Practical classes on general hydrology"(2021), "Workshop on physical geography of Kashkadarya region" (2022)

The department has a scientific circle "Young geographers", in which more than 30 talented students are engaged and research topics are assigned to the

Currently, the department maintains regular cooperation relations with Osh State University of the Kyrgyz Republic, the National University of Uzbekistan, Tashkent State Pedagogical University, Samarkand State University, Bukhara State University and other republican higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. Within the framework of this cooperation, professors A.Abdulkasimov, E.Y.Safarov, S.B.Abbasov, M.T.Mirakmalov, associate professors K.Yarashov, N.Alimkulov, M.Nazarov, H.Tashev, Professor of Osh State University regularly organize lectures by A.G.Nizamiev. They give lectures to students of the directions “5110500-methods of teaching geography“, ”5110500-fundamentals of geography and economic knowledge”, “5140600-geography”, masters “70530402-geography (according to the object of study)", manage master's dissertations.

In 2022, work is underway to conclude an agreement on bilateral international cooperation with the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University. To this end, in the current academic year it is planned to improve the qualifications of the staff of the department Dzhumaeva H. and Murtazayeva B. at this university.

In 2021, teachers of the department Eshboev B.T. "Natural and geographical aspects of the study of toponyms of Kashkadarya region", H.M.Baykobilov "Geographical and toponymic bases of names of countries of the world", in 2022.Jumaev H.H. "Assessment of the tourist and recreational potential of Kashkadarya region and regional development of tourist infrastructure" successfully defended the thesis of the Doctor of Philosophy in geography.

Also this year, teachers of the department Muradova D.S., Nabatova D.I. are preparing for the defense of doctoral dissertations in the direction 11.00.02-Economic and social geography.

The department works in active cooperation with the teaching staff of UzMU, SamGASI, SamGU in connection with the research activities of young teachers Boymurodova S.M., Safarova I.B., Khushmurodova F.M.

The staff of the department is preparing to participate in the republican regional fair "Innovative ideas, technologies and projects", which will be held in 2023 with an innovative project on the topic "Geographical study of tourist sites of Kashkadarya region and the development of new tourist routes".


Department address: Karshi, Kuchabog str., 17, Karshi State University, Faculty of geography and agronomy, 2nd floor.