The chair of fine art and engineering graphics

7 November, 2022

The head of the chair: Doctor of Philosophy (in Pedagogical Sciences), Professor. (Ph.D).

Kamolov Iftixor Baxtiyorovich

Phone: (+99890) 313-82-16


About the department

The Chair of Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics was established on May 20, 2008 on the basis of the Chair of Vocational Education. Currently, 8 professors are working in the chair. Among them, 1 person is a PhD (in Pedagogical sciences), a professor, 1 is a candidate of technical sciences, an assistant professor, 1 is a senior teacher, 5 are assistant teachers, and the scientific capacity is 25%.

The Chair of Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics is a chair that prepares specialists in the field of "Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics".

 An exhibition of visual and applied art works called "Glowing of colors in the traditions of the teacher and student" is regularly organized to show the creative works of the professors and students of the chair.

Cooperation with general secondary education schools is well established in the chair. The chair has been cooperating with school 43 in Kamashi district. A chair branch was established in this school.

In the teaching of subjects in the chair, modern, latest technology and Internet resources are widely used.

Students of fine art and engineering graphics are always participating with their creative works in exhibitions held not only on the scale of our republic, but also in other countries, and as well as they are awarded with diplomas and certificates as to their gained levels.

Subjects taught at the chair

1. Drawing geometry

2. Pencil drawing

3. Painting. Composition

4. Drawing

6. Plastic anatomy

7. Basics of academic pencil drawing and composition

8. Easel academic painting and composition

9. Fine art technology and copying

10. Sculpture

11. Applied art. Fine art of fine decoration description.

12. Fundamentals of graphic representation

13. Theory and methodology of teaching fine arts and engineering graphics

14. Innovative pedagogical technologies of teaching fine art and engineering graphics

15. Computer graphics

16. History of visual arts

17. Terminology of engineering graphics

18. Miniature

The list of professor-teachers of the chair

In the main state

Full names of professor-teachers.



Kamolov Iftixor Baxtiyorovich

Head of the chair.

PhD, professor


Ochilov Farxod Egamberdiyevich

Ph.D., assistant professor


Astanov Tolib Muxtarovich

Senior teacher


Mirzayev Orif Nurmuxammadovich



Muxammedova Zarifa Lutfullayevna



Sattorova Aziza Anvarovna



Xoʻjaqulov Elbek Ermatovich



Aripov Ne’mat Chuliyevich



Full names of professor-teachers.



Korjovov Bobur Jovliyevich


Cooperation relations of the chair

International relations are well established at the chair. Belgorod State National Research University of the Russian Federation, Belgorod State University of Technology, Belgorod State Institute of Art and Culture, Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, Ghel State University, Orel State University, Kokchatov and Jetisuv State Universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and Hanbat university of South Korea cooperation agreements were concluded with universities. On the basis of the educational program of mutual cooperation 47.03.01 between Belgorod State National Research University and Karshi State University. An agreement was signed on the directions of "Pedagogical Education" Fine Art and 5110800 - Fine Art and Engineering Graphics.

In the 2019/2020, 2020/2021 and 2021/2022 academic years, the direction of mutual cooperation was established and students were received to it. Accepted students study according to the 3+1 scheme (3 years at KarshiDU and 1 year at Belgorod DU).

Also, for two weeks in 2018, 2019, Belgorod State University Assistant Professor A.P. Danilenko visited Karshi State University on a research trip. During this time, he conducted master classes and gave lectures for all students of the "Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics".

Also, professor-teachers and students of the department of "Fine Art and Engineering Graphics" take part actively in the events held at the university.

Scientific and methodical works

1. E. Kh. Jabbarov. Basics of academic pencil drawing. Study guide book, Karshi, 2021.

2. E. Kh. Jabbarov. Composition. Textbook. Tashkent, 2021

3. O.N. Mirzayev. Plastic anatomy. Study guide book. Karshi, 2021.

4. F. Ochilov and others. "Development of scientific and creative potential of a person in the field of education". Collective monograph. 2021

5. E. Kh. Jabbarov. Composition. Study guide book. Tashkent, 2019

6. R.G. Batiyev, Z.J. Shafoatov. Drawing geometry. Methodical guide book. Karshi, 2019

7. Sh. Abdushukurova, Z. Shafoatov. Wooden structures. Karshi, 2019

8. H.T. Makhamov. Z. Shafoatolv. Engineering graphics. Independent works. Karshi, 2019

9. I. B. Kamolov. Fine art genres. Tashkent 2018 

Scientific research works

The chair mainly conducts research in the following scientific directions:

1. Methodology of organization of fine art and drawing subjects in secondary schools based on modern pedagogical technologies.

2. Methodology for improving the teaching of engineering graphics in vocational colleges

3. Methodology of teaching students to think logically in fine arts classes.

In these scientific directions, research works are conducted under the leadership of Assistant Professor F. Ochilov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy in Pedagogical Sciences, Professor I. Kamolov.

Jabbarov Erkin, who worked as a senior teacher of the chair, received the scientific position of assistant professor (2020)

The teacher of the chair, Kardjovov Bobur Jovliyevich, is considered the main doctoral student of the chair, 13.00.02 - theory and methodology of education and training (Fine Art) in the specialty "Methodology of developing logical thinking of students in fine art classes (in the case of higher educational institutions)" is conducting scientific work to obtain the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in pedagogic sciences.

The teacher of the chair, Zakir Shafoatov, is continuing his dissertation work on the topic "Methodological foundations of effective organization of graphic works of students in the science of engineering graphics" in order to receive the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Doctor of scientific degrees at Karshi State University. Iftikhor Bakhtiyorovich Kamalov, head of the chair, works as a scientific secretary in the 03/04.06.2020. Ped. 70.02. Digital Scientific Council.

Scientific research works are carried out in the chair in cooperation with Belgorod State University, Gzhel State University, Krasnoyarsk State Art Institute, etc.

In cooperation with the above foreign universities, international fine art exhibitions are regularly held in the following directions:

Color image


Applied art

A number of participants from scientific and research institutes such as Belgorod State University, Gzhel State University, Krasnoyarsk State Institute of Art, etc. will take part in the exhibition with their creative works.

Also, professor-teachers from foreign higher education institutions work in our chair on an hourly basis.

Danilenko Angela Pavlovna Assistant Professor Hourlu payment Belgorod National Research University

Ragachev Viktor Ivanovich Professor Hourlu payment. Krasnoyarsk gosudarstvennom chudoj institute

Korshunova Irina Viktorovna Assistant Professor  Hourlu payment. Ghel State University

Classes and their activities organized under the Chair of Fine Arts and Engineering Graphics

Name of classes    

Head of the class

Place of organization   

Duration of classes.


Computer graphics

Khojakulov Elbek

Computer room of the chair

2 times a week

AutoCAD, Corel Draw, and Photoshop graphic programs are taught at the class.

Material  technical base of the chair

The chair has 1 Interactive IR Touch Panel, 3 projectors, 15 computers, 3 printers, 60 easels, and the educational process is fully provided.

Address of the chair: Kochabog, 17, Karshi city