The chair of the english language and literature

9 November, 2022

Head of the chair: Senior teacher,

Jumaeva Nilufar Ghulomovna

Phone: (+998 90) 639-30-68

Email address:

History of the department

The "English language and literature" department was established in 1961 at the Karshi State Pedagogical Institute under the name of English language and literature.

According to the approval of the new structure of university faculties and departments by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan on June 30, 2014 and the decision of the university's scientific council on July 4, 2014-2016, the name of the department was named "Linguistics" department. From 2016 to today, it is called the "English language and literature" department.

Currently, 15 professors work in the department, including 1 PhD, 2 senior teachers and 12 assistant teachers. Based on modern pedagogical technologies and information technologies, educational technologies have been created for all subjects taught at the department, and electronic teaching-methodical sets have been prepared.

The Department of English Language and Literature has always been in scientific cooperation with academic lyceum No. 1 under QarSU, the Center for Personnel Qualification and Retraining, "Nuristan" academic lyceum, Uzbekistan State University of International Languages, Uzbekistan National University, Samarkand State University of Foreign Languages.

The "Young translators" circle is regularly operating at the department, scientific lectures are given by talented students, more than 20 students are involved in it. These fellowships direct students to research and educational activities.

Research direction of the department:

"Problems of linguistic analysis and translation theory in modern English".

Educational directions and specialties prepared at the department:


5111400 – Foreign language and literature (English)

Subjects taught at the department:

The main language of study. (Integration of Language Skills)

The main language of study. (Reading and Writing Practice)

Aspects of language practice

Fundamentals of linguistics

Introduction to literary studies

Theoretical phonetics.

Independent study skills

Integrated course of teaching foreign languages


History of the studied language

Stylistics and text analysis

Comparative typology

Learn the grammar of the language

Theory and practice of translation

Faculty members of the department:

sen.teach, Jumaeva N.

sen.teach, Ochilova D.

sen.teach, PhD. Makhmudova U.

teach., Muratova M.

teach., Juraev N

teach., Bobonazarova D

teach., Hamraeva M

teach., Begimkulova D.

teach., Farmonov N

teach., Aminov F

teach., Dovurova U

teach., Khalikova M

teach., Majidova D

teach., Sultanova Y

teach., Zakirova D

Scientific and research work carried out at the department:

Jumaeva Nilufar - "Variety of Genres in William Faulkner's Early Works" ("Noise and Fury", "Soldier's Prize", "Avesalam, Avesalam" as an example)

Ochilova Dilafroz - the linguopoetics of John Dryden's tragedy "Avrangzeb".

Hamraeva Makhzuna - Cognitive and pragmatic analysis of evidentiality in English and Uzbek languages ​​(on the example of sense verbs)

Umida Dovurova - Typology of the observer in narrative discourse (in the case of English and Uzbek languages).

Juraev Nurbek - Semantic, linguostatistical and linguo-spiritual typology of proverbs belonging to the thematic group "language" in English and Uzbek

Begimkulova Dilobar - Functional-semantic and linguistic-cultural expression of reduplicativeness (in the example of English and Uzbek languages).

Muratova Manzura - Aspectual space and linguocognitive analysis of speech activity verbs (in the case of English and Uzbek languages).

Bobonazarova Diyora - Cognitive-pragmatic features of linguistic deviations in the English media discourse.

International relations of the department

Also, the senior teacher of the department, Nilufar Jumaeva, won a grant under the Faculty Enrichment Program (FEP) program of the American Councils for professional development and exchange of experience in the United States of America, and during one semester, along with professional development in the USA, she gave lectures on American literature to the students and demonstrated Uzbek values. Also participated in SSTESOL held in Florida.

2022 senior teacher of the department Nilufar Jumaeva and teacher of the department Manzura Muratova successfully participated in the Staff Week-2022 of the Erasmus+ project in Diyarbakir, Turkey.

Senior teacher of the Department of English Language and Literature D. Ochilova was on a business trip from 04/30/2022 to 05/15/2022 to organize international joint education programs of the Erasmus+ project at Konstantin Philosopher University in Nitra, Slovakia. From May 4 to May 11, students of English and American studies will be taught Renaissance and Restoration drama, Orient motifs in English drama, John Dryden's age Dryden), lectures were held on the linguo-poetic features of the tragedy "Aureng-Zebe" by John Dryden.

On November 22-26, 2021, the main doctoral student of the department, Dilsoz Musaeva, visited the University of Jaen, Spain, as part of the Erasmus+ international credit mobility program. Within the framework of the visit, D. Musaeva gave a lecture on English literature and practical training on Instrumental English to students of the 2nd year of English philology at Haen University. Jaen University ranked 801-1000 in THE World University Rankings 2023. Also, Dilso'z Musaeva will undergo a basic doctoral internship at the Faculty of Humanities of the Konstantin University of Philosophy of Slovakia within the framework of the Erasmus+ international credit mobility program from April 4 to May 5, 2022. According to the plan of the Ministry of Innovation of the Republic of Uzbekistan "Organization of foreign internships of young scientists", this foreign trip was presented as a candidate from QarDU, and as the owner of this grant, it was continued at Eotvos Lorand University of Hungary. D. Musaeva participated in a training course in the USA from July 8 to August 6 of this year. This in-service training course was funded by the US Embassy in Tashkent and gave a group of Uzbek higher education teachers the opportunity to spend a month in the "Teaching English as a Second Foreign Language" course at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas.

The teachers of the Department of English Language and Literature, Aminov Farrukh, Farmonov Nurbek, and Khalikova Mukhayo, took part in the competition held by the Ministry of Innovative Development and analyzed the resources and activities of the library, teaching processes at the University of Zielona Gora in Poland. They returned after studying the distribution of subjects.

Regarding cooperation, on May 30, 2022, Jihad Gunduz, lecturer of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of Turkey's Dijle University, coordinator of international projects, visited Karshi State University. In this skill exchange project, which will last until June 5, Jihad Gunduz organized seminars and trainings for professors and teachers of the Faculty of English Philology, lecture classes on critical reading were held for the 3rd year students of English language and literature.

Also, on June 2, 2022, Marek Smoluk, the representative of the Rector for International Relations of the University of Zelena Gora, Poland, professor of the Faculty of Humanities, gave a lecture to the students of English language and literature and organized a seminar for professors and teachers until June 8.