Faculty of Economics

10 November, 2022

Faculty history

The Faculty of Economics was created in accordance with the structure of Karshi State University, approved by the order of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 22, 2021.

The faculty staff carries out its activities in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Education" and "National Program for Personnel Training". The main activity of the faculty is the preparation of highly qualified specialists necessary for the sectors of the economy, tourism, hotels and restaurants, as well as for the social sphere.

Faculty administration

Dean of the Faculty of Economics

Nabiyev Gulomjon Abdusalomovich

Phone:(+998 88) 808-05-57



E-mail: gulomjonnabiev@mail.ru

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs

Halimov Javlonbek Shaxriyorovich

Phone: (+99899) 670-52-49

E-mail: halimov-javlonbek@bk.ru

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs (Correspondence education)

Bozarov Elyor Bobokulovich

Phone: (+99890) 665-59-65

E-mail: ebozarov13@gmail.com

Deputy Dean for Youth Affairs and Spiritual Education:

Sattorov Shokhrukh Ulash ugli

Phone: (+99888) 675-30-05

E-mail: shoxrux@gmail.com

Deputy Dean for Research and Innovation

Faculty departments:


Tourism and marketing

The faculty prepares bachelors in the following areas of study:

60310100 - "Economics (by spheres and industries)"

5231600 - "Human Resource Management"

60411400 - "Human Resource Management"

5160300 - "Tourism (international and domestic tourism)"

5160300 - "Tourism (by areas of activity)"

5233400 - "Marketing in Tourism"

5230400 - "Marketing (marketing in the field of tourism)"

60412500 - "Marketing (by industry and sector)"

61010400 - "Tourism (by areas of activity)"

Prepares masters in the following specialties:

70411401 - "Human Resource Management"

5A610301 - "Tourism (international and domestic)"

71010401 - "Tourism (by types of activity)"

The chair of economics

The chair of Tourism and Marketing