The chair of social science

2 June, 2021

The hade of the chair: Doctor of Philosophy, prof.


Choriev S.A.

Phone: (+99891) 461-30-03


The history of the chair

The department was founded in 1964. Over the years, she was led by Ph.D., Assoc. T. Jovliev (1964-1969), Ph.D., Assoc. (now Doctor of Philosophy, Professor) O. Ergashev (1969-1977), Doctor of Philosophy, Professor A. Choriev (1977-2005). Currently, the department is headed by Prof. Dr. S. Choriev.

 In 2014, the department was merged with the department of sociology.

At the present time, 26 teachers work at the department, 11 of which have academic degrees and titles in various specialties of philosophy (“dialectics and the theory of knowledge”, “social philosophy”, “history of religions and free thinking”). In the teaching staff,  (associate professor P. Saydullaev,  assistant professor R. Boykobilova) who is 70-75 each, seven of them) assistant professor M. Eshmatov, senior professor M. Khushnaev, assistant professor A. Dulanov, prof. S. Choriev, Associate Professor B. Saidov, Associate Professor T. Kurbonov) with average 50-60 , three (Senior Professor A. Turaev, R. Boymatov, Associate Professor G. Bekmurodov),  45-50, four (Associate Professor A. Shaimanova, Rev. D. Akhmedov, Associate Professor S. Boymurodov, 40-45 each,  (Rev. S. Kambarov, Rev. F. Kodirov, Rev. L. Sohibova, Rev. S. Avazov, Rev. D. Khudoyberdiev, Rev. D. Akhadova, Rev. N. Aminov) 35-40 each, two (Rev. R. Nazarov , Ven. E. Imomov) , 27-30 years. The average age of teachers is 43.

Members of the department conduct theoretical and practical classes on "Philosophy" for first-year students, "Sociology" for third-year students, and "Methodology of scientific research" for graduate students. Classes are organized on the basis of curricula and programs approved by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Based on these documents, the department has developed appropriate work programs, educational and methodological complexes.


In order to improve educational and methodical work at the department, a long-term and annual plan has been developed, the implementation of which is systematically discussed at the meetings of the department. So, in the 2019-2020 academic year, more than 20 issues relating educational and methodological activities discussed, 4 open lessons conducted by members of the department. In the scientific and methodological seminar “Dialectics of objective conditions and subjective factors in the formation of a humanistic personality type”, 4 theoretical and 4 methodological reports were heard.

The members of the department are working on a complex scientific problem “Dialectics of objective conditions and subjective factors in the formation of a humanistic personality type”. On the selected topic 3 doctoral and more than 20 master's theses are defended. Currently, the department is preparing more than 10 theses.

In order to develop scientific research, the department establishes scientific relations with Moscow State University, Belgorod State University, and National University of Uzbekistan.

The spiritual and educational work of the department is also carried out on the basis of an approved annual plan. At the same time, Huge attention is paid to the propaganda of the ideas of national independence among not only students, but also workers in various fields. So, over the past year alone, members of the department in the labor collectives of the region organized more than 20 events, read more than 100 reports.

Teaching subjects:

The bachelors of Art

• Philosophy

• Sociology

Master Degree


• Research Methodology



• Choriev S.A.

• Saydullaev P.N.

• Boykobilova RB

• Eshmatov M.E.

• Dulanov A.E.

• Saidov B.Zh.

• Kurbonov T.Kh.

• Bekmurodova G.Kh.

• Boymurodov SB

• Shaimanova A.E.

• Turaeva A.P.

• Khushnaev M.B.

• Boymatov RB

• Akhmedova A.S.

• Kambarov Sh.K.

• Kodirov F.Y.

• Avazov S.E.

• Sokhibova L.Zh.

• Khudoyberdiev D.M.

• Nazarov R.N.

• Imomov E.I. 

Theme of scientific research of the department:

"The dialectic of objective conditions and subjective factors in the formation of the humanistic type of personality"

Scientific adviser: S.A. Choriev


Address: Karshi State University, Department of Social Sciences, 2-floor, office 220-221.