The chair of algebra and geometry

20 July, 2022

The head of the chair: DSc in Physics and Mathematics 

Imomov Azam Abdurakhimovich

Phone: (+99891) 257-04-44

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The history of the chair

The chair «Mathematical analysis» was established in 1982 and senior lecturer E.Eshdavlatov was appointed as a head of the chair. From 1988 to 1992 senior lecturer N.Dilmuradov worked as a head of the chair. In 1992 in base of the chair, three chairs were created: «Mathematical analysis», «Algebra and geometry» and «Differential equations». Senior lecturer Z.Toshev was appointed head of the chair «Mathematical analysis». In 1995 chairs «Mathematical analysis» and «Differential equations» were united and a single chair was created named «Mathematical analysis». Until 1998 this chair was headed by Z.Toshev. From 1998 to 2001 a senior lecturer Z.Oromov headed the chair of «Mathematical analysis». In 2001 a senior lecturer E.Eshdavlatov was appointed head of the chair. In 2005 chairs “Mathematical analysis” and “Algebra and geometry” were united and transformed a single chair “Mathematical analysis and algebra”. In 2005 a senior lecturer N.Sharipov was appointed head of the chair.

From 2010 to 2014 PhD A.Imomov worked as a head of the chair of “Mathematical analysis and algebra”. In this period, the chair had cooperation in the field of science and education with universities of Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Hungary, the USA, Malaysia and Great Britain. During the cooperation, teachers participated in International conferences and published scientific works on foreign journals. In particular, A.Imomov participated in the International conferences «Stochastic Analysis and Random Dynamics» in Ukraine, «Stochastic Models and their Applications» in Hungary, «Probability Theory and its Applications» in Moscow.

Members of the chair also participated in TEMPUS program projects. In 2005-2006 A.Imomov was the coordinator of the project TEMPUS-SCM-T-016A5-EDUCREDIT. From 2011 to 2013, he was the coordinator of the project TEMPUS-516996-QAPD: «Enhancement of Quality Assurance System through professional development of academic leaders».

From 1 November 2018 on the base of the chair of mathematics, the chairs “Mathematical analysis and differential equations” and “Algebra and geometry” were created. At present, the head of the chair of “Algebra and geometry” is DSc A.Imomov.


Bachelor degree:

Algebra and number theory

Analytic geometry

Linear algebra and geometry

Discrete mathematics

Differential geometry and topology

Probability theory and mathematical statistics

History of Mathematics

Methods of teaching of mathematics and computer science

Special courses

Staff members:

Imomov Azam Abdurakhimovich

Abulov Mumin Orzikulovich

Abduraxmonov Abdimumin

Gulomov Otabek

Abdirakhmonova Rano Eshkobilovna

Shodiyev Sa’dulla

Okboyeva Nilufar Urakovna

Tukhtayev Erkin Egamberdiyevich

Tursunov Bayramali Akbarovich

Jurayeva Muxayyo Nematillayevna

Meyliyev Abror Khujanazarovich

Scientific fields:

Ø The theory of Markov stochastic branching processes and its applications.

Ø Application of regularly varying functions in sence of Karamata in the Probability theory.

Ø Geometry of Riemannian submersions of manifolds of nonnegative curvature.

Address: 17, Kuchabag, 180103 Karshi city, Uzbekistan