The chair of national concepts, bases of spirituality

8 November, 2022

Head of the Department: 

Rakhmonova Makhfuza Kholmurodovna

Phone: (+99893) 937-89-37


About the department

The department was established in accordance with the Decree of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 9/2 of September 17, 2005 and the order of the rector of Karshi State University No. 253 X of December 4, 2006.  In 2018, by order of the rector of the university, the name of the department was changed to "National idea, the foundations of spirituality."

The department employs 12 professors-teachers, including: 1 candidate of science, professor, 3 candidates of science - associate professors, 2 candidates of science (PhD) - senior lecturers, 2 senior lecturers, 4 assistants.  Scientific potential - 50%.

The department has established cooperation with higher educational institutions, such as NUUz, SamSU, TerSU, BukhGU, TSPU named after.  Nizomi, TSUL, Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Islamic University.

Since 2018, the department has been working in constant scientific and practical cooperation with foreign universities, including the Miras University of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and since 2019 with the Moscow State Pedagogical University of the Russian Federation.

In the framework of international cooperation in April 2019, associate professors of the Department of Methods of Teaching Law and Social Sciences of the Faculty of Humanities of MSTU Sorokin A.V.  and  Polovnikova A.V.  conducted lectures and seminars on the methodology of teaching legal sciences to 3rd year students of the National Idea, the foundations of spirituality and legal education.

Also, the department constantly cooperates with the Kashkadarya Academic Lyceum of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On April 23-30, Samarkand hosted the "XX Asian Championship" in the "Armwrestling" category, where athletes from 12 Asian countries competed.  In this competition, a student of the direction "National idea, the foundations of spirituality and legal education" of the Faculty of History, Jabbarov Otabek, took 1st place in the 80 kg weight category.

The main attention of the department is aimed at ensuring that the educational process conducted by professors and teachers is at the required level and of high quality.  Lectures and seminars are held on the basis of innovative technologies.

Scientific works

The main priority research topic of the department: "Methodological foundations of spiritual education."For 2015-2022, the department holds a number of scientific and practical conferences.  Including the following topics:

In 2015 - Postmodern society and the problem of man.;

In 2017 - Actual-theoretical methodological problems of studying the humanities in higher education;

In 2018 - Improving the system of social and human sciences in the years of independence;

In 2019 - The impact of the Action Strategy on the development of the national idea, basic concepts and principles;

In 2021 - Socio-cultural significance of the idea of   the Third Renaissance.

The following scientific works were published under the authorship of Professor A. Irkaev:

"National idea and spirituality" - T. 2002;

Model of spirituality and development.  - T 2005;

Freedom of thought.  - T. 2006;

Spirituality and development.  - T. 2008;

Way of Uzbekistan.  - T. 2017;

Spirituality.  2-volume - T. 2018;

The path of Uzbekistan (new edition).  - T. 2021;

The following monographs by Associate Professor G. Soatov have been published;

"Culturology", - 2000;

"Fundamentals of Cultural Studies", - 2008;

"Culture of Uzbekistan", - 2011;

Textbook "Ethnoculture", - 2019;

The monographs "Freedom of Thought" were published - T.2021.;

"New Uzbekistan - the goal of the third renaissance" - T.2021.;

"Geniuses of Abdulla Oripov" - T.2021.;

The educational and methodological manual of the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor M. Rakhmonov "Scenery and organization of cultural events" in Karshi was published.  - 2021

The educational and methodological manual of the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor M. Rakhmonov "Park science" in Karshi was published.  - 2022

Associate Professor of the Department N. Urokova published the monograph “N.A.  Berdyaev about values.  Karshi.  2022

A teaching aid for senior teachers Yakubov A., Karimov B., Oltiboeva M. "Spiritual and educational foundations for countering religious extremism" was published.

A textbook by teacher D. Sunatov "The Ethical Foundations of Spirituality" has been published.  Karshi.  – 2021

The educational and methodological manual of the senior teacher A. Ruziev "Education" Tashkent was published.  - 2022

The educational and methodical manual of the teacher Z. Boymurodov “Theory of knowledge: main problems and directions” was published Tashkent.  - 2022

The educational and methodical manual of the teacher Sh. Boibekova, "Subject, purpose and tasks of aesthetics" Tashkent, was published.  - 2022

The educational and methodological manual of the teacher G. Ismailova "Laws of Logic" was published, Tashkent.  - 2022.

On April 28, 2022, the senior lecturer of the department Ashurova S. defended her thesis of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) on the topic “The influence of stable and unstable processes on the development of society” (09.00.01 - ontology, epistemology and logic).

The club "Yosh manaviyachilar", created at the department, conducts regular activities.

The club hosts student essay competitions on various topics, meetings with scientists, professors, deputies.

The necessary scientific and theoretical advice for their scientific work is given.

Spiritual and educational work:

The department organized the full implementation of tasks related to the spiritual and educational sphere. In particular, the Decrees, Decrees of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers, Decrees, Orders of the Council of Ministers and the tasks assigned to the implementation of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan PP-451 dated August 25, 2019 “On promoting the national idea and improving the efficiency of spiritual and educational  work".

Professors-teachers of the department, as members of the group of propagandists of the Kashkadarya Council of the Republican Spiritual and Educational Center, constantly carry out propaganda work and teach the content and essence of reforms in the spiritual, cultural, political, legal and socio-economic spheres among residents and workers of the region, district and city.

Educational directions and specialties at the department:

1. 5111600 - "National idea, the foundations of spirituality and legal education."

2. 5151700 - Organization and management of cultural and art institutions.

3. 5A111601 "Methods of teaching social sciences (basics of spirituality)"

Teaching staff of the department:

Rakhmonova Makhfuza Kholmurodovna - Head of the Department, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Irkaev Abdurakhim Panzhievich - Ph.D. n, professor

Soatov Gayrat - candidate of philological sciences, associate professor

Orokova Nargiza Salomovna - Associate Professor

Ashurova Sarvinoz Uralovna - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Yakubov Abdurakhman Turaevich - Senior Lecturer

Ruziev Alisher Kholmurodovich - Senior Lecturer

Niyazov Sabirjan Sadikovich - teacher

Sunatov Dilshod Khashimovich - teacher

Boymurodov Zokhid Shokirovich - teacher

Boibekova Shakhnoza Alievna - teacher

Ismoilova Gulkhayo Kamol kizi - teacher


Department address: Karshi, st.  Kuchabog, 17, Faculty of History, room.  333.