The chair of the agro chemical and agro soil

14 November, 2022

The head of the Chair: PhD 

Diyorova M.X

The Candidate of Agriculture Science, seniora teacher.

Telephone: (+99891) 473-66-54

Electron address: 

The History of the Chair

From September 23, 2021, the Department of "Agrochemistry and Ecology" was established and started its activities. There are 43 professors in a total of 25.5 staff units, of which 20 are in the main staff unit, 8 internal assistants, 11 external assistants and 3 part-time teachers (1 professor, 8 associate professors, 6 candidates of science, 21 teachers) work in the department. The scientific potential of the department was 55% in the reporting year.

In the department bachelor students are taught in the speciality of 60810700-Agrochemistry and agro-soil science, 60710400-Ecology and environmental protection (by branches and sectors), 60811800-Fruit growing and viticulture, 60811900-Vegetable growing, gourd plantation  and potato growing, 60812000-Organizing and management of greenhouses and master's students are trained in the speciality of 70530701-Soil science (by types of research), 70710402-Ecology (by branches and fields), 70811801-Fruit growing, 70811901-Vegetable growing and gourd plantation.

Educational technologies have been created on the basis of modern pedagogical technologies and information technologies from all subjects taught at the department. In this department there is one lecture hall equipped with modern information and communication devices and there are 5 laboratory rooms equipped with modern equipment.

The main priority research topic of the department

1. Ways to maintain and increase soil fertility of Kashkadarya region.

2. Improving the agro-ecological condition of soils polluted by anthropogenic factors.

3. Monitoring the bioecological condition of the territory of Kashkadarya region.

4. Creation of new varieties in vegetable, gourd plantation and potato cultivation and their introduction and development in the southern regions.

5. Creation of intensive horticulture in fruit growing and viticulture based on modern technologies.

6. Cultivation of subtropical fruit plants in greenhouses.

In accordance with these fields, the head of the department, associate professor M. Diyorova, Ph.D. Ph.D., professor T.E. Ostonakulov, associate professors T.T. Tilovov, A. Khayriddinov, R. Bobonorov, T. U. Rahimov, N. SH. Bozorova, H. S. Amirov, B. Shokirov, D. Kh. Aminova, Sh. Sarmanov. Teachers G. D. Kudratov, B. N. Raupov, S. N. Khalikova, S. F. Sunnatova, Kh. Sh. Meiliyeva, F. Boboyev, Sh. Toychiyev, A. Egamberdiyev, D. R. Raimova, B. B. Tojiyeva and Sh are publishing  textbooks, methodological manuals, monographs, brochures and scientific articles.

Currently, associate professors of the department, A. Khayriddinov, on the topic "Impact of the use of alternative geothermal energy in greenhouses on soil properties and plant productivity" and Diyorova Muhabbat, on the topic "Determination of biogeochemical migration of sulfur in soil types of the desert area of Kashkadarya oasis and making 3D mapping" are continuing their doctoral scientific work.

Khushmurodov Jabir, scientific researcher of the department, is carrying on his doctoral work with the topic "Creating a 3D map of the agro-ecological condition and pollution of the soils scattered around the uranium factory  (as an example of Nurabad district, Samarkand region)".

Independent researchers of the department, Khalikova Surayyo, on the topic "Influence of industrial waste on the biological activity of irrigated pale gray soils", Boboyev Farrukh on the topic "Ways to improve the agrogeochemical condition and productivity of the irrigated soils of the Kashkadarya oasis" approved by the scientific council are doing their research work.

The teachers of the department, Toychiyev Shukhrat on the topic "Effect of watering method and fertilization rate and growth stimulants on yield, fruit quality and transportability of repeatedly planted tomato varieties", Meyliyeva Khilola on the topic of "Optimization of irrigation procedure and root thickness of cucumber varieties planted repeatedly from seeds and seedlings under the conditions of Kashkadarya region light-colored field soils" are carrying out their scientific work.

In 2021-2022, 58 articles were published by professors and teachers of the department. From this, 20 articles were published in Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar, 15 in foreign journals, 10 in journals owned by OAK, 7 in international conferences, 18 in other journals and collections.

By the department,  3 grants were presented to the competition of scientific grants, including 2 practical and 1 innovative projects. It was awarded to innovative research grants. There are some activities such as "Mother nature is sacred", "Let's protect nature", "Let's protect mother earth", "Improving soil fertility", "Restoration of ecological values" are being held by the teachers of the department with active young people of secondary special and secondary schools regularly dedicated to the International Earth Day.

By the Department, scientific research works are being carried out in mutual cooperation with Moscow Agricultural Academy named after K.A.Timiryazev, Scientific Research Institute of Soil Ecology in Pushshina,  Scientific Research Institute of Soil Science named after V.V. Dokuchayev,  Cotton Scientific Research Institute of Uzbekistan, Scientific Research Institute of Agrochemistry and Soil Science of Uzbekistan,  Uzbekistan National University, Republican Scientific Research Institute of Agrochemistry and Soil Science, Tashkent Agro University, University of Engineering Economics in Karshi, Southern Agricultural Institute, Regional Department of Ecology and Environmental Protection, City Water Waste Organization, Hisar Nature Reserve, Kashkadarya Region Agrochemical Station, Kashkadarya Region Department of Secondary Special Education. The department has always been in scientific cooperation with family educational institutions such as Uzbekistan National University, Samarkand State University, Termiz State University, Bukhara State University.

In the Department, two clubs, called "Young agronomist" and "Young ecologist" have been working under the leaderships of the department B.Tojiyeva and B. Raupov, which involve more than 50 talented students and give them topics for scientific research.

Talented students actively participate in university, national and international scientific conferences, science Olympiads, seminars and other competitions in cooperation with their leaders. In particular, talented students participate in university-wide scientific conferences and faculty-wide seminars with their speeches and theses. Talented students are also involved in scientific-research works conducted in the department. For example, 25 students of the soil science department are conducting research work under the guidance of professors and teachers of the department. Scientific conferences of talented students, seminars, round talks and other various events are often organized in the department under the leadership of professors and teachers.

Professors-teachers of the department:

Khayriddinov Akmal Botirovich - a.c.s.,associate professor, dean of the faculty

Diyorova Mukhabbat Khurramovna – b.c.s. (PhD) associate professor, head of the department

Ostanaqulov Toshtemir - professor

Bobonorov Rustam Samadovich - a.c.s. associate professor

Bazarova Nigora Shamsiyevna - c.c.s.,associate professor

Amirov B - associate professor

Shokirov B - associate professor

Rakhimov Tolkin Uktamovich - b.c.s., head teacher

Sarmanov Sherzod - a.c.s.  senior researcher

Aminova Dildor Kholmurodovna - a.c.s. (PhD)

Khushmurodov Jabir Panjiyevich - teacher

Farrukh Farkhodovich Boboyev - teacher

Toychiyev Shuhrat Shovkatovich - teacher

Kurbanov Ramish Ostonokulovich - head of the laboratory

Mansurova Marguba Akbarovna - laboratory assistant


Excerpts from stationary field experiments of doctoral students, independent researchers and masters

Seminar Process for Master's Thesis

Семинар расми1

расм 2

At the Department of Agrochemistry and Ecologythere is a master's program in 4 specialties 

70530701-Soil science (by type of research)

70710402-Ecology (by branches and industries)

70811901- Vegetable growing and melon growing


70811801 - Fruit growing


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