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25 November, 2022 | University news No Sustainable Development Without Gender Equality

On October 31, 2022, Karshi State University hosted a meeting to discuss gender equality and the protection of women from harassment and violence as part of its initiative to raise awareness about gender equality.   A group of experts from special

25 November, 2022 | University news Karakalpakstan delegation is on official visit to Karshi State University

A delegation of the Republic of Karakalpakstan is paying a visit to the Kashkadarya region. It consists of representatives of the authorities of the republic and business circles. The delegation’s stay program provides for working meetings with the

8 October, 2022 | University news Еntertainment

Karshi State University has a good tradition. That is, in order to give good mood to students and spend their free time meaningfully, various cultural events are constantly organized in student residences. Today, one of these events took place in th

8 October, 2022 | University news A stadium that has become a favorite place

It's no secret that today the main stadium of Karshi State University has become a favorite place for the staff of the higher educational institution, the youth of neighborhoods and football fans.   Here you can not only sit in the stand and watch

8 October, 2022 | University news Karate WKF: the university student won the Cup of Uzbekistan

From September 29 to October 2 of this year, the national cup competitions in karate among teenagers and adults were held in Chirchik. This tournament was held in all age categories in kata and kumite programs, in which more than 1600 athletes fought

8 October, 2022 | University news Festive events continue

On the occasion of October 1 – Teachers’ Day, a festive event was organized on the theme "We respect you, dear teachers!" with the participation of professors and teachers of the Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology of the Faculty of Chemistr

8 October, 2022 | University news The teacher of KarSU was recognized as one of the winners in the competition of "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC

Within the framework of the implementation of the decision of the head of our state dated July 7 of this year "On measures to establish an educational-production cluster in the oil and gas sector" PDNo.309 competition called “The most dedicated teach

5 October, 2022 | University news Happy holiday, dear teachers!

When a teacher is mentioned, every person feels deep respect and infinite gratitude, and at the same time, a sense of indebtedness that cannot be measured and fulfilled by any wealth. On October 1 – Teachers’ Day, a spiritual and educational event wa

5 October, 2022 | University news The psychologist’s work is being introduced

University psychologist A. Husanov is holding meetings in cooperation with tutors in order to inform all the first year students at Karshi State University about the socio-psychological activities of the university psychologist and the types of psych

5 October, 2022 | University news Future doctors took the oath

Every doctor takes an oath before starting his work. No matter what kind of person or nationality the patient is, they decide to treat and provide medical assistance, they take this duty and responsibility. Today, an event on the theme "Dedication to