The Chair of nonorganic chemistry

9 November, 2022

Head of chair: Doctor of Philosophy on Chemical Sciences (PhD),

Burikhonov Bakhtiyor Kholmirzayevich

Mobile phone: (+99897) 384-39-39


History of the chair

Chair of Nonorganic chemistry was established in 2021 year based on the reformation of Chemistry department.

At present times, the chair of Nonorganic chemistry has 4 associated professor (PhD), 1 senior teacher (Doctor of Philosophy on Chemical Sciences (PhD)), 1 Doctor of Philosophy on Chemical Sciences (PhD) and 9 teachers. All another teachers have a master's degree and are conducting scientific research in special fields.

The chair of Nonorganic chemistry has the following research disciplines:

“Creating corrosion inhibitor for the metal protection in the recycling oil-gas production, storing a manufacturing”.

New technology of addiction for diesel fuels in order to increase in the octane and seta number of diesel and auto fuels.

Synthesis of mixed and simple complex of hinazalon-4 and its derivaties with the d-metals.

The laboratory premises of the department are equipped for various modern laboratory work.These equipment provide significant assistance for developing scientific practical abilities of students during doing practical works.

The teachers of chair of Chemistry have published the following works:

Handbooks and books:

- Yakubov E.SH Nauchno osnovi sinteza issledovaniya i primeneniya odnorodnix smeshannoligandnix koordinatsionnix soyedineniy ryada metallov s xinazolonom-4 kompleksnix xinazoloni-4 i ix proizvodniye. Qarshi Nasaf. 2021. - 121s.;

- Kamolov L.S. Nizkomolekulyarnix metobolitov toksicheskix gribov Stachybotrus alternans.Monografiya Karshi: Nasaf. 2014. - 142 s.;

-  Yakubov E.SH. Sintez i issledovaniye kompleksnix soyedineniy kobalta(II), medi(II) i sinka s xinazolonom-4 i yego proizvodnimi. Monografiya Nasaf. 2015. - 136s.;

- Naxatov.I., Kamolov L.S.Berdimurodov.E.T Tabiiy birikmalar kimyosi laboratoriya mashg‘uloti. O‘quv qo‘llanma Karshi: Nasaf. 2021. - 142 s.;

- Naxatov.I., Kamolov L.S. Bioorganik kimyo laboratoriya mashg‘uloti. O‘quv qo‘llanma Karshi: Nasaf. 2021. - 155 s.;

-  N.X.Juraqulova Bioorganik kimyo (amaliy mashg‘ulotlar) O‘quv qo‘llanma Karshi: Nasaf. 2021. - 145 s.;

Study-practical handbooks:

Berdimurodov E.T Fizikaviy kimyoning nazariy asoslari Qarshi 2021 115 bet

Yakubov E.SH. Kompleks birikmalar kimyosi fanidan laboratoriya mashg‘ulotlari Qarshi 2021, 123 bet.

Umirov N.N Kimyoda kompyuter modellashtirish. O‘quv-uslubiy  qo‘llanma, Qarshi 2021, 125 bet.

 Berdimurodov E.T- Kvant kimyosi va kvant mexanikasi Qarshi 2020, 125 bet

Yakubov E.SH., Karimov O.T., Qarshiyev M.T. Naxatov I. Noorganik kimyo fanidan laboratoriya mashg‘ulotlari. Qarshi, Qarshi DU kichik bosmaxonasi, 2019, 104bet.

Yakubov E.SH., Karimov O.T., Nuriddinova D.Z, Gulboyeva D.R, Bobilova Ch.H. Kolloid kimyo fanidan laboratoriya mashg‘ulotlari. Qarshi 2019, 107bet.

Nuriddinova D.Z., Choriyev A.U. Organik birikmalar tuzilish nazariyasi. O‘quv-uslubiy  qo‘llanma, Qarshi 2018, 195 bet.

Juraqulova N. Noorganik kimyodan amaliy mashg‘ulot. O‘quv-uslubiy  qo‘llanma, Qarshi 2018, 81 bet.

Teachers list of chair of Chemistry:

Burikhonov Bakhtiyor Kholmirzayevich

Kamolov Lukmon Sirojiddinovich Ph.D., Associate Professor

Kurbonova Zulfiya Irnazarovna Ph.D., Associate Professor

Yakubov Erkin Shomurotovich Ph.D., Associate Professor

Berdimurodov Elyor Tukhliyevich Ph.D.,Associate Professor

Umirov Nurbek Norbutayevich Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Juraqulova Nigora Xolmatovna Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Shodiyev Golib Choriyevich Teacher

Allanov Abdigaffor Berdiyorovich Teacher

Juraqulova Nigora Kholmatovna Teacher

Normatov Bektosh Ramazonovich Teacher

Kholmurodova Laziza Erkinovna Teacher

Nuriddinova Dilfuza Zarif qizi Teacher

Gulboyeva Dilafro‘z Ro‘ziboyevna Teacher

Bozorova Shahodat Eshkobil qizi Teacher

Tojiyeva Sevara Nomozovna Teacher

Toshpo‘latov Tilovmurod Islomovich Teacher

Study subjects of chair Chemistry:

Bachelor program: 5140500-chemistry

Inorganic chemistry

Analytical chemistry

Physical chemistry

Colloid chemistry

Substance structures

Chemistry of complex compounds

Crystal chemistry

Chemistry of macromolecular compounds

Chemical Technology

Bioorganic chemistry

Chemical computer simulation


Synthesis of inorganic compounds

Colloid and nanochemistry

Chemical industry

Master program: 70530101-chemistry (On Specialty)

• Selected chapters of inorganic and analytical chemistry

• Actual problems of physical chemistry

• Modern methods of chemical analysis

• Fundamentals of molecular modeling in chemistry

• Modern physicochemical research methods

Educational laboratories of the department:

 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory.

Physical Chemistry Laboratory.

Laboratory manual of colloid chemistry.


Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory.

Cooperation of the department with international and republican higher education institutions and scientific research institutions and production plants.

Department: Institute of Chemistry of Plant Substances of the Republic of Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences, National University of Uzbekistan, Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry named after O.S. Sodikov Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Technology, Mubarek Gas Processing Plant, Shurtangas Chemical Complex, Shurtan carried out scientific cooperation with the oil and gas production department, GTL plant of Uzbekistan and other production enterprises. "Uzbekistan GTL" LLC announced the contest which called "The most dedicated teacher 2022-2023" in order to contribute to the financial and spirtual support of dedicated teachers of higher education institutions. N.Umirov assistant professor of the department of inorganic chemistry, won honorable second place in this competition.

Working with talented students in the department.

Constant working with talented students is established in the department. Conditions are being created for talented students to actively participate in scientific conferences, science olympiads, seminars, competitions which were held at the university, republic and international level. In particular, students have been participating in the university-wide scientific conferences of talented students, contests for famous scholarships, faculty-wide seminars with their speeches and theses.


Khasanova Madina, a student of the 4th stage of the chemistry department, is conducting scientific research on the topic "Production technology of a depressor additive from local raw materials, which reduces the solidification temperature of the furnace fuel product to a temperature not higher than minus 15 0C" (scientific leader is associate professor etc. N. Umirov). He has been participating in many contests and competitions in connection with his scientific research and innovative project, in particular, he took part in the Republican contest which called "Mirzo Ulugbek Successors" qualified for the Republican stage and took fifth place.