The chair of the technological education

19 October, 2021

The head of the chair: candidate of the technical sciences, assistant professor

Makhamov Khujakhmat Tavashovich

Telephone: (+99899941 56 64


History of the chair

According to "Organizational structure of faculties and departments at Karshi State University" confirmed on August 15, 2011 by the Ministry of higher and secondary specialized education of the Republic of Uzbekistan the chair of “Labor education” is organized on the base of the order of Scientific board of the university on October 5, 2011 and the order of the rector of the university on November 9, 2011

The department of "Labor training" is the graduating department of bachelors in the direction "5112100 - Labor training", 5111500 - "Military preliminary education" and 5A112101 - Theory and teaching methods (technological education) and serves to teach the subject "Life safety" in all areas of education in university.

Academic disciplines of the department:

Subjects taught at the department at the bachelor's level:

1. Labor safety

2. Technology and design

3. Technical creativity and design

4. Workshop on technology education.

5. Materials Science and Knowledge Management

6. Career guidance

7. Mechanization and automation, the basics of robotics.

8. Cutting tools and lathes.

9. Fundamentals of Housing

10. Safety of life

11 Technical mechanics

12. Technical modeling and design.

13. Service

14. Manufacturing technology of products.

15. Technical creativity and design.

16. Innovative teaching technologies in teaching labor education.

17. Hydraulics and heat engineering.

18. Techniques for teaching technology.

19. Management of technical systems.

20. Agricultural machinery

21. Military training

22. Special training

23. Civil protection

24. Organize preliminary preparation for the call and methods of teaching it

25. The theory of the development of the modern army.

26. Wood carving.

27. Processes and devices of food technology.

Subjects taught at the department at the master's level:

1. Foundations of technological culture and competence

2. Methods of teaching subjects in the specialty.

3. Creative teaching technologies.

4. Technical design and modeling

5. Technology of creative activity.

6. Patenting, licensing and certification

7. Methodological foundations for the study of technology education.

Professor-teachers of the chair

1. Makhamov Khudzhakhmat Tavashovich - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

2. Turdiev Elmurza Dzhuraevich - candidate of teaching sciences, associate professor.

3. Halimov Gafur Gulomovich - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

4. Tilovov Yunus Suvonovich - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

5. Khurramov Mukhtor Gulovich - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

6. Razzokov Davron Niyazovich - candidate of teaching sciences, associate professor.

7. Tuymurodov Zulfikor Khudoikulovich - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

8. Ishmuradova Gulbahor Izmurodovna - candidate of teaching sciences, associate professor.

9. Nurmamatova Rakhima Rakhmonovna - candidate of technical sciences, associate professor.

10. Batiev Ravil Gikramovich - senior teacher.

11. Kakhkhorova Tozagul Abdimuminovna - teacher.

12. Ochilov Alisher Orifovich - senior teacher.

13. Nazirov Zulkainar Sharofovich - senior teacher.

14. Ganieva Sharifa Adilovna - senior teacher.

15. Abdullaeva Komila Tursunovna - teacher.

16. Khoshimov Abdukodir Hamdamovich - teacher.

17. Ruzimurodov Otabek Tursunovich - teacher.

18. Astanova Mohira Mukhtarovna - teacher.

19. Kholmurodov Dilmurod Sabirovich - teacher.

20. Boliev Kamol Ergashevich - teacher.

21. Elmurodov Nuriddin Sayitmurodovich - teacher.

22. Lessons Kamol Khushvakt oglu - teacher.

23. Kurbanov Bakhodir Ernazarovich - teacher.

24. Buronova Shakhnoza Uralovna - teacher.

25. Berdiev Abdulla Khalilovich - teacher.

Associate Professor A.P. from the Russian Federation. Danilenko was invited to teach "Technology and Design" on an hourly basis.

Scientific-methodical works of the chair:

The scientific-methodical articles of professor-teachers of the chair were published in scientific journals, in the materials of international and republican conferences, in scientific collections.

The chair is collaborating with the leading high schools such as TDTU, TDPU. TATU, TAYI, SamDU, BuxDU  and BuxYTMTI/

With the Kalmyk State University named after B.B. Gorodovikov, a Cooperation Agreement No. 269 of April 27, 2018 has been concluded, on the basis of this agreement, educational, scientific and scientific-methodological works are being carried out, scientific monographs have been published, a collection of articles has been published, -the teaching staff.

In the 2019-2020 academic year, the faculty of the department published a total of 25 articles and 51 abstracts, of which 12 scientific articles were published in foreign journals. In addition, 2 study guides and 2 study guides were published and introduced into the educational process, as well as 1 textbook, 1 monograph, 2 study guides and 9 methodological guides were submitted to the press.

Research work

The department conducts research work in the following scientific areas:

1. Mathematical modeling and optimization of engineering structures, automation of technological processes and production;

2. Optimization of the thermal regime of deep-type heliolimonarium.

Candidates of technical sciences H. Makhamov, G. Halimov, M. Khurramov, Y. Tilavov and candidates of pedagogical sciences E. Turdiev, D. Razzakov, G. Ishmuradova carry out research work in these scientific areas.

The staff of the department conducts joint research work with leading universities and research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Russian Federation, such as TSTU named after Islam Karimov, TUIT named after Muhamed al-Khorazmi, TSPU, Tver State University, Kalmyk State University, Yakutsk State University, FTI AN RUz, Institute for Superplasticity Problems RAS.

In accordance with the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan No. 126-F dated February 13, 2017, the Orders of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Rector of Karshi State University, the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Actual problems of optimization and automation of technological processes and production" in November 17-18, 2017 on the basis of Karshi State University.

The conference is organized in the following 4 sections:

1. Automation and control of technological processes and production.

2. Problems of optimization, algorithmization and modeling in management.

3. Mathematical and computer modeling.

4. Information technologies in engineering, economics, medicine, biology and management of socio-economic processes.

Foreign guests took an active part in the Conference: Professor Aleksey Nikiforovich Kudinov (Russian Federation), Professors Sergey Vladimirovich Dmitriev and Elena Aleksandrovna Korznikova (Russian Federation), Professors Vasily Vasilyevich Zhebsain and Ochir Pyurveevich Erdniev (Russian Federation).

Circles and their activities organized in the chair of Labor Education:

Name of the circles

Head of the circle

name, year of birth, position, academic degree

Place of study

Duration of lessons


Young constructor

Bolliyev K, teacher. 1977

Qurbonov B., teacher 1964

At the training workshop

Twice a week


Skillful hands

Abdullayeva K. teacher. 1971.

Astanova M. 1969, teacher, 1969

At the training workshop

Twice a week

Material base of the department:

The department has 15 computers, 6 printers "3 HP LaserJet 1000" and "Canon LBP3010B", as well as 7 lathes, 6 carpentry machines, 5 milling machines, 4 grinders, 4 drilling machines, 11 sewing machines and equipment. in various works. In particular, modern equipment for training workshops is fully provided for performing 100% of practical and laboratory work.